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Risotto Primavera by Saturday Kitchen Host Matt Tebbett

Risotto Primavera by Saturday Kitchen Host Matt Tebbett

1 x large white onion

Olive oil

100g butter

1 x clove garlic

a few sprigs of thyme

1.5litres vegetable stock

a few parmesan rinds

250g x Carnaroli or Arborio rice

1 x glass of good quality fruity white wine

8 x young leeks

8 x young carrots – all blanched quickly and refreshed in iced-water

150 g shelled broad beans

150g fresh peas

8-10 small asparagus spears

1 x large spoon mascarpone cream

100g parmesan freshly grated

1 x squeeze of lemon

Firstly, sweat the diced onion in a big splash of olive oil and 50g of the butter. Add the garlic clove & thyme. This should take about 10 minutes of slow-cooking – do not colour the onion at all. At this point have the vegetable stock boiling away, with the parmesan rinds thrown in for flavour.

Stir the rice into the onions and stir about for a few moments. When the rice is begging for liquid – throw in the white wine and the rice will now start sizzling. Keep stirring to evaporate the liquid. Then add the hot stock slowly, ladle by ladle, so that the rice incorporates each spoonful quickly. Stir throughout to prevent the rice from sticking and speeding up the evaporation.

Continue doing this until the rice is almost cooked (15-20 minutes) and the stock is used up. Now throw in the vegetables and spoon in the mascarpone. Then add most of the parmesan and season.

Add the squeeze of lemon if some acidity is needed. A small knob of butter at this stage will add extra richness. Stir the risotto and add a touch more stock if required – the consistency should be a little loose at this stage. Allow to rest in the pan for a few minutes to relax and absorb the rest of the liquid. Serve still quite wet with some more freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Note: Fresh herbs could be added at the end of the cooking to lighten the risotto – such as tarragon or chervil and if the idea of blanching the vegetables bores you, then throw them all in at the beginning of the dish when the onion is added. (The vegetables will lose colour but the risotto will be delicious!)

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