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Quickfire Questions with Matt Tebbutt

Who inspired you as a chef? 

 Marco’s book ‘White Heat’ inspired me to be a chef, but Alastair Little taught me to cook.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Definitely a big Chinese, although since visiting China recently, I’ve realised that most of my usual dishes don’t resemble anything they cook in China!

What is your go-to dinner party dish? 

I like to cook a big shoulder of Welsh Lamb in the wood oven and serve it with spicy, North African inspired salads and sides.

What is your favourite part of being in the kitchen? 

At home, I have music on, a glass of wine in hand and the kids popping in and out to taste what I’m making.

What is your top tip for amateur chefs? 

Work harder in school!! But if you must, then keep it simple and treat your ingredients with respect. Fancy and messed about with usually doesn’t taste better.

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