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Chin-chin to International Gin & Tonic Day

There’s not many blends as iconic in the drinks industry as the good ol’ gin and tonic, or g&t for those of us who love it so. As the UK’s biggest food and drinks festival we’ve tasted our fair share of amazing gins over the years and in marking International Gin and Tonic Day 2019 we thought we’d feature some of the best independents and big brands who are shaking up the UK drinks industry.

From London based cocktail blenders to the non-alcoholic gin makers and big time distilleries doing the fanciest blends here are the 11 gin brands we’re loving right now

The Cocktail Gin

Say hello to London’s newest cocktail innovators. Hingston & Co’s Gin & Tonic on-tap is perfectly balanced, combining East London Liquor Companies juniper-heavy London Dry Gin with Hingston & Co’s crisp and citrusy house-made tonic. It’s served over ice with a wedge of pink grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary.

The Non-Alcohol Gin

When you hear the words non-alcoholic you probably don’t think of gin but that’s exactly what Chasity drinks have created with their refreshingly botanical duo. Designed to keep the non-drinkers in the mix the well-balanced tones of this gin replacement are delightfully delicious.

The Distillers Gin

Based in heart of Surrey, Silent Pool is a star choice for those looking for an artisan gin developed in between the idyllic forestry of the Duke of Northumberland’s Aylesbury estate. Featuring choice botanicals including Bosnian Juniper berries, liquorice root and bergamot it’s a drink for the gin connoisseur.

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