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Meet the Maker: Renegade & Longton Sparkling Wines

For our next ‘Meet the Maker’ feature we’re introducing and chatting with Renegade & Longton Sparkling Wines.

Brendan (the Renegade) and Richard (Longton) have left behind careers as a corporate accountant and a GP respectively to indulge their passion for sparkling wines! Using the traditional method for making champagne and Richard’s handy garden shed they have concocted Renegade & Longton’s first two sparkling wines, one made with Elderflower and the other a blend of rhubarb, elderflower and strawberries. This is only the start with more flavours too come, experiments are ongoing in a winery now as opposed to the garden shed!

It all started in the garden shed.

Renegade & Longton are focused on producing beautiful sparkling wines which are made from different fruits instead of traditional grape based wines. They make them in UK and keep the sugar levels low, so it’s perfect for health conscious consumers as well as people who want to try something a bit different.

The blush pink colour elderflower sparkling wine is our favourite- you can enjoy it on it’s own or try and experiment it with some cocktails. Yum! Bring it on cocktail season at this summer at Foodies Festival.

It’s a perfectly considered balance of delectable elderflower and fresh strawberries, topped off with crisp rhubarb. Renegade & Longton have created the kind of drink that begs for a tall glass, good company, and a generous pour.

Victorian inspiration blends effortlessly with time-honoured French techniques to create this splendid sparkling wine. Fresh red fruits are underpinned by a dry and nutty complexity to leave you with the lingering taste of strawberries. There’s almost nothing that Elderflower Blush doesn’t pair well with, but we’re fond of desserts, cheeses, and Friday nights. You know what they say, everything in moderation… including moderation.

In this ‘Meet the Maker’ interview we spend some time getting to know the people behind the brand in more depth ahead of this summer at Foodies Festival.

Hi! Can you please take us through the process making your sparkling wine?

We use the traditional method to make the wines, the same as for champagne. The champagne method originated in the  Champagne Region of France and dates back to the Medieval times. it involves the following steps:

  1. Press
  2. First fermentation
  3. Assemblage (blending grapes from vinyards)
  4. Second fermentation in the bottle
  5. Remuage (removing sediment)
  6. Aging
  7. Disgorgement
  8. Dosage

In order for a product to be called ‘champagne’ it must have been created in a specific region of northern France, and the second fermentation must have taken place in the bottle.

Since Renegade and Longton’s products are proudly made in Britain, we’ll stick to calling our products sparkling wines. Plus we don’t want to get sued.

Can your wines be used in cocktails? Have you got favourite go to recipe?

We enjoy making loads of cocktails with the sparkling wine. The recipe we really enjoy is a gin fizz.

What have been the biggest challenges/achievements, or your favourite story so far?

Our biggest challenge is getting the product to market with very limited funding and our biggest achievement was bottling the first bottle.

Find some inspiration and recipes how to use Renegade & Longton sparkling wines in your cocktail recipes like this one from @winebuyers

How would you describe your sparkling wines in 3 words?

Light, dry and wonderfully floral.

What’s next ? Any exciting plans for 2020?

We hope to be introducing new flavours including a strawberry and black pepper and a cucumber and juniper.

And finally, where can people grab some of your lovely sparkling wines before Foodies Festival this summer?

Our sparkling wines can be found in selected shops across UK, including Whole Foods Market,  Fenwick, Farmdrop and  Borough Market and of course on our website-

If that hasn’t inspired you to try the sparkling wines, head to Renegade & Longton social media and check what they are up to and where you can catch them this summer for some lush fizz.

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