Celebrity and Top local chefs

At Foodies festival we bring you the best Michelin star, Celebrity and Top local chefs cooking their favourite recipes and giving you top tips. Find out more about our top chefs…

Dipna Anand

Kasae Fraser

Sian Anderson

Matty Edgell

Peter Andre


Josh Eggleton

Sandro Farmhouse

Tom Hamblet

Tommy Thorn

Eloise Durrant

Omar Allibhoy

Atul Kochhar

Nigel Barden

Zaynah Din

Phil Kearsey

Yui Miles

Shelina Permalloo

Jeff Galvin

Tommy Heaney

Galton Blackiston

Gary Maclean

Michael Bremner

Adam Reid

Steve Drake

Richard Bainbridge

Theo Michaels

Steven Edwards

Alex Webb

Jimmy Lee

Daniel Smith

Joshua Hunter

Mike North

Dean Banks

Chris Cleghorn

Anthony Billon

Lee Parsons

James Skelton

Will Devlin

Richard Craven

Andrew MacKenzie

Edson Diaz-Fuentes

Aurélien Mourez

Sandy Browning

Liam Lingwood

Alex Payne

Darren Broom

Jack Sturgess


Henry Scott

Sophie Taverner

Joshua Cutress

Colin Anderson

James & Georgia Sommerin

Patrick Hill

Dan Hunter

Andrew Green

Jak O’Donnell

Alex Yates

Roy Ner

Luke Payne

James Brace

Andy Beynon

Carl Cleghorn

Dana Conway

Mark Charker

Tom Rhodes

David Lilley

Ankur Diwan

Nick MacGregor

John Barber

Ren Behan

Dhruv Baker

Adam Turley

Robin Read

Justin Llewellyn

Jackie Eaglestone

Dina Macki

Andras Roflics

Dave Mothersill

Andrew Du Bourg

Andy Campbell

Lou Hannan

Nigel Brown

Lloyd Morse

Olivia Boyes

Noya Pawlyn

Crishi White

Molly Ridley

Julia Craggs

Sarah Bald

Ella Cox

Giovanni Di Sarno

Anna Shepherd

Linda Anderson

Filipe Brito

Fang-Yu Lin


Sarah Rankin

Millie Walter

See Thomas Frake

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