Antonio, Pasquale, and Simone Cozzolino

Banca chefs

The Cozzolino brothers: Antonio, Pasquale, and Simone are the chefs behind exciting Glasgow restaurant, Banca di Roma.

Born in Naples in Southern Italy, the brothers grew up surrounded by wonderful produce on their three-generation Vesuvian family tomato farm in the Campania region. They watched as their grandparents worked with simple ingredients and transformed them into delicious dishes to share. Having opened in one of Glasgow’s listed former banking halls, Banca di Roma’s menu is inspired by the origins, traditions and fresh flavours of Mediterranean cuisine refining these elements into simply delicious dishes.

Protégés of renowned London chef, Francesco Mazzei, all three brothers have earned themselves fantastic pedigrees with Mazzei in key senior roles throughout his family of Italian restaurants in the capital.

Pasquale is the eldest of the Cozzolino brothers and began working in professional kitchens at the age of 15, his childhood ignited a strong passion for cooking and helped to determine his profession as a chef. At the age of 19, he made the move to London meeting well-respected chef Francesco Mazzei and became part of the team at L’Anima. There was an immediate understanding between the pair with Francesco becoming a mentor for Pasquale and with such talent, passion, and commitment Francesco made him head chef at restaurant Fiume despite his tender age.

Antonio the middle child of the Cozzolino family graduated from the hospitality institute in 2013 and followed his older brother to London securing a role in the kitchen at L’Anima. Antonio impressed Mazzei with his talent that he placed trust in him to open further Francesco restaurants: Sartoria, Radici and Fiume in London. During his time working with his mentor, he was able to participate in international events, such as Taste of London, House of Peroni and Refettorio Felix by Massimo Bottura.

Simone, the youngest of the three brothers, began his journey in the kitchens from an early age attracted by the same passion for food and goals of his older brothers. After various experiences between catering and hotels in Naples and after his studies he too decided to move to London to work alongside his brothers who were now established in the various restaurants.

In 2019, Antonio moved to Switzerland for a head chef position at Hotel Chateau Gutch before returning to Italy in 2020 to work at the prestigious Michelin starred Zanze XVI in Venice with head chef, Stefano Vio and becoming head chef at Guna, also in Venice.

Following time back at their family home throughout covid, the trio secured kitchen roles in Napes before jumping at the chance of a brand-new opportunity in Glasgow, and a chance for the brothers to be working together again. Each carving out their roles in the kitchen, the brothers’ style remains to preserve the traditions and simplicity of flavours using the best quality ingredients. Adopting a minimal waste policy is of upmost importance and ensuring sustainability in all that they do.

The Cozzolino brothers are delighted to be taking on their new role at Banca di Roma and can’t wait to see it evolve.

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