Image of Ashleigh Mogford by Ella Miller

Ashleigh Mogford, mum of two and the woman behind the hit Instagram account @cardiff.mum has amassed 381K (and counting!) followers with her indulgent, delicious, budget-friendly meals and hacks for saving money.
A Geography teacher turned hugely successful family influencer, Ashleigh’s recipes are quick, easy-to-follow, utterly delicious and teach you how to be savvy with your money while pleasing the entire family. Ashleigh is an ambassador for a leading supermarket and she writes recipes that feature on their website.
With 80+ money-conscious, mouthwatering meals that make cooking dinner a breeze, whether mid-week, Saturday date nights or picnics in the park, her new book, Cardiff.Mum’s Thrifty Feasts, has got you covered.
From feasts under £5 to slow cooker favourites and air-fryer delights, Ashleigh’s recipes are quick, easy and delicious. Ashleigh teaches her readers how to make their food shopping go further and how to plan healthy, delicious meals for the whole family, all week.

Image: Ella Miller

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