Brice Lenglet

brice lenglet

Brice has been at The Salt Room for four years now, starting as Chef de Partie and now ruling the roost as Head Chef. Before Brighton, he worked in Australia for two years working in the Park Hyatt Hotel. Brice’s food can be seen at the Salt Room, a modern British seafood restaurant that celebrates cooking over coal. The Salt Room focuses on sourcing local ingredients to cook the freshest shellfish and meat over charcoal. Brice started working in a kitchen at 15 and was lucky enough to work under a fantastic chef who inspired him massively and gave him a real passion for cooking. Brice brings this passion and culture of inspiration to The Salt Room kitchen, inspiring hungry young chefs and giving them a real love of food. His classically French cooking style is awe-inducing, he is a master of his craft and has a real interest in new methods, flavours, and cooking techniques which he brings to his innovative and delicious food.

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