Caspian Armani

caspian armani

“My name is Caspian Armani, I have worked at Isaac At since 2018, I became a co-owner in 2019 and in 2021 became the Head Chef.

My journey with food and in hospitality has been incredibly humbling. I started when I was 12 years old cooking and helping in a Central London soup kitchen, an immensely powerful environment for a young person to be exposed to. The more I reflect on that time the more influential I now realise that period was.

I studied under some incredible chefs in Brighton over the next few years: Paul Clark of the Trolls Pantry, Ricky Hodgson of Due South and Alan Paul, to all of whom I am incredibly grateful and have the utmost respect for.

When I started at Isaac At I new I had found somewhere truly special, populated by the most incredible people. Everyone at Isaac At shares not only the same passion for hyper-locality, and sustainability as I do but also a passion and a privilege to engage as a human community.

I care deeply about my team and I care deeply about the work we do.

I am immensely humbled to have this opportunity and privileged to serve.“

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