Doug Sanham

doug sanham

Doug is a chef with over 13 years of experience. He’s worked hard through the ranks over the years to get himself in a position where he can look after and manage a team as Head Chef.

Doug has had his own journey with Mental Health, suffering with a form of disassociation that led to suicide attempts. Knowing the huge potential stress levels that come with the hours associated with being a Chef, Doug began to see the impact that mental health was having on his teams, especially the younger generation. Doug then decided he wanted to try and find a way of helping and supporting the industry he loves so much.

In 2017 Doug won the Caterers Acorn awards for best 30 under 30, with his work as head chef, and for someone trying to push for change in hospitality.

Using the platform of his home region Kent, and the network of chefs that he has met over the years, Doug met Andrew, and Pilot Light was ignited.

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