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I’m Julia, a baker and Doctor based in Winchester. I adore creating yummy, blow-you-away-with-a-bite cakes, cookies, brownies, tarts and pastries (anything sweet really!), often with a little cultural spin to show my Singaporean roots. When not at my day job, I love being at local traders markets around the New Forest or Hampshire, meeting all the other talented independent makers, and trying out new recipes on you guys. 

What I love about baking is really the science behind it, as that adds to the magic of putting something in an oven and receiving something that looks and smells completely different at the end. I also just wanted to know why individual ingredients, temperatures, mixing methods and times were so important in baking.  So you can expect lots of in depth explanations and delicious tasters (and light-hearted humour!) from me! 

You can find me through: 

Instagram: @craggscakes



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