Larkin Cen

Larkin Cen

Solicitor turned independent restaurateur, Larkin Cen, is a success story of Bristol’s booming independent food scene.
For Larkin, the decision to leave his career in law behind won out following his appearance on the BBC flagship series Masterchef in 2013 – where fans of the show saw him make it all the way to the final. However, Larkin’s food loving roots go all the way back to his childhood… to his parents Chinese takeaway.

The smell of his grandfather’s Cantonese style roast pork belly, the memories of coming home from school and immediately throwing on an apron and prepping and peeling veg for the evening, are all strong memories which proved too appealing.

It was four years into his law career where Larkin finally took the decision to swap words of art for woks and in 2016 Woky Ko was born!

Woky Ko was – and remains to this day – the culmination of Larkin’s experience as a chef as well as the childhood spent growing up in a traditional Chinese takeaway. Larkin’s goal is to bring the often misunderstood and underrepresented flavours and concepts of the far east to a Westernised audience.

You won’t find chicken balls or egg fu yung on the menus of Woky Ko. What you will find are Taiwanese style bao buns, Japanese Katsu and signature chinese chow mein. Woky Ko’s dishes focus on authenticity, provenance and quality with a slight modern twist.

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