Liz Burnett

Liz Burnett (aka Bu) from BuBakes is happiest when up to her elbows in buttercream. Award winning BuBakes was created when Liz discovered that cake decorating eased symptoms of her anxiety disorder. Now she claims her anxiety is a superpower, which helps her spot the little details that give her work the wow factor. BuBakes has created tutorials for global magazine Cake Masters, and has made show stopping cakes for events including the Open University’s 50th birthday and the British Wedding Awards. When not in the kitchen Liz is studying for a psychology degree and writes about mental health; her blog was shared by Stephen Fry, who described it as “A fine articulation of what it’s like to live with anxiety”. BuBakes also donates to the charity Mind for every order received, and recently jumped (was pushed!) out of a plane to raise more money for the charity.

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