Martin Dawkins

The Rustic Chef

I started my chef career in the royal navy at 17 years old, after training  at HMS Raleigh In Cornwall and Yeovil I then served on Hms Invincible, and Hms Ark Royal serving in Iraq and Kosovo and all round the world. After 9 years I left the navy and went to work in London working for Marcus wearing at Petrus where I started to learn my trade. After 3 years I returned to my home county of Hampshire and worked for Alex Aitken at Le Poussin as his head chef, That where I feel I was moulded to the Chef I am today, working with fresh local produce and letting the seasonal flavours do the talking on the plate. Since then I have had 3 rosettes to my name and have had my name in the Michelin guide for the restaurants I have worked in. Now I work as a private chef and love cooking at shows and on you tube. Cant wait to showcase some of my dishes this year.

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