Michael Bremner

Michael Bremner
64 Degrees

Michael Bremner has worked in kitchens ever since leaving school in Aberdeenshire, experiencing different environments around the world before settling permanently in Brighton.

Following a weekend pop-up at a local boutique, Michael opened the doors to 64 Degrees in the Lanes of Brighton in October 2013. His aim was to create a restaurant focused on social dining, where people can order several plates to share.

With Michael being a chef through-and-through, 64 Degrees revolves massively around the food – the main feature being the open-kitchen; diners are encouraged to sit at the pass and watch the food be prepared right on front of them. The menu is ever-evolving, with the aim of being engaging, exciting, but also accessible to everyone.

Michael was a winner of Great British Menu 2017.

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