Omar Foster

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Fresh out of the MasterChef 2023 kitchen where he finished as runner-up, Omar previously worked in product development for over 10 years and has now brought his passion for creating and innovating into the culinary world. During the competition Omar was recognised for his daring flavour combinations, creative plating style, never playing it safe and always pushing the limits of food. 

Entering the competition to fulfil a lifelong dream and experience things money couldn’t buy, he got exactly what he wanted from the competition. From hosting a Chef’s Table with 3 Michelin star chef Clare Smyth at Core, to cooking at the English Consulate in Istanbul, aswell as iconic London destinations such as the Royal Opera House in London and the Crick Institute in London to celebrate 70 years since the discovery of DNA with food innovator Jozef Youssef. With his culinary journey only just beginning, Omar has big aspirations for his future in food.

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