Philli Armitage Mattin

Philli Armitage Mattin

“I’m a chef and I love my job. I get to play with food daily and get to eat at the end of it. Big win!

“I had an idea to create a place where keen cooks can learn the same techniques used in professional kitchens and apply these principles to their home kitchen recipes and achieve delicious results! It’s not brain surgery it’s cooking – make sure you’re having fun.

“I have some credentials to back it up. I trained within the Ramsay group but kitchen hours are long and I don’t have the patience to repeat the same task over and over. I am driven by creating new dishes and learning daily. I enjoy learning about the theory of cooking and the scientific understanding behind it.

“I have been lucky enough to travel across Asia in search of regional recipes, I have spent time in some of the worlds best kitchens.

“I don’t pretend to be the best chef and I make many mistakes, it’s taken me a long time to accept this. I’m also improving and I’d love for you to join my journey and see how I can help you in yours.” Chef Philli

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