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With roots tracing back to Punjab and Rajasthan, Chef Rishi Anand, the Head of Research and Development for Dishoom and Permit Room, was immersed in the rich culinary traditions of both states during his upbringing.

The driving force behind Rishi’s culinary passion stems from the creations of his mother and the profound love for food exhibited by his father. Both parents not only enjoyed cooking but took immense pleasure in sharing mouth-watering dishes with those around them, shaping Rishi’s path to becoming a chef.

Rishi has worked across Dishoom Cafes going on to take on the role of Area Head Chef, he know holds the esteemed position of Head of R&D for both Dishoom and Permit Room restaurant group.

His latest culinary venture is Permit Room in Brighton, East Street, which opened its doors in October 2023. 

Drawing inspiration from the permit rooms of Bombay, this all-day bar cafe menu curated by Rishi offers an array of delights, including moreish bar snacks, irresistible curries, shareable plates, and heartening breakfast options. Notably, over half of the dishes on the Permit Room’s all-day menu cater to vegetarian or vegan preferences, reflecting Rishi’s dedication to inclusive and sustainable culinary experiences.

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