Tim Goodwin

tim goodwin

Tim Goodwin was born and raised in South Africa before he came to the UK in 2002.
Always having a passion for food, he started a catering business in Basingstoke in 2004. In 2020, Tim took on an old Bakery in Old Basing.
He decided to use the new space to not only run his catering business, but follow his passion and start an artisan bakery and coffeeshop.
In 2021, Tim Goodwin was awarded Baker of the Year in the Baking Industry Awards, followed by BIA Craft Bakery Business of the Year 2022, and his team won BIA Team of the Year 2022. Today, The Street Bakeshop is a thriving wholesale and retail bakery and coffeeshop, specialising in slow fermented bread, pastries, handmade cakes and sausage rolls.

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