Yui Miles

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Crying Tiger Café Founder
MasterChef UK 2019 Quarter Finalist
Author, Thai Made Easy

“I come from a strong Thai/Chinese family where cooking and eating have always been a focal point of family life. My parents had always cooked traditional Thai and Chinese dishes throughout my childhood which I helped prepare and cook from about the age of seven.

My early childhood memory was being woken up at 4 am to prepare food to feed the monks at my local temple, which we would share after morning prayers.

My late mum who I love so much, was the first person to teach me to cook traditional Thai and Chinese dishes passed on to her from my grandma. My aunt was also very influential in teaching me to cook and driving my passion for food. She worked as a chef in the Thai Royal kitchen so knew how to cook excellent dishes and present them well.

My very first cookbook ‘Thai Made Easy’ launched last year and will be available at Foodie Festival to grab a signed copy. With clear, uncomplicated instructions and accessible, supermarket-friendly sways for traditional Thai ingredients is the aim for my cookbook.  

Join Yui and get hands-on with this fabulous Thai Green Curry Masterclass at Foodies Festivals in 2024. This masterclass is fully interactive and fun. During the session you’ll learn to prepare and cook authentic Thai green curry from scratch! During the session, you’ll get hands-on experience crafting your own green curry paste and cooking up a delicious batch of this Thai green curry. Afterwards, you can enjoy our creation for lunch or take out. There will be lots of opportunities to pick up so many more hints and tips from Yui during the masterclass as she guides you through your Thai green curry preparations.

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